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About Us

Farm Fresh Direct was initially started by a wonderful local lady, Jonel Ackermann. It was Jonel's dream to empower both consumer and supplier by giving them a platform on which they could purchase local produce before it was exported to other countries. After working at Farm Fresh Direct Shelley & Johannes Viljoen were offered the opportunity to purchase the company in May 2013, an opportunity they both jumped at! Shelley & Johannes are self-confessed "Foodies" and have a true heart for people, so working amongst the locals of our area seemed like a dream job for them. When they bought the company they were averaging 16 orders a week and since we have seen a steady progression of new customers and suppliers to the site. they believe that Farm Fresh Direct is a bit ahead of the game and is one of the few sites where you can get good quality local products delivered straight to you on a weekly basis. They have a massive vision for this company and know that more and more people are becoming aware of just how important it is to know where their food comes from and what processes it has been through prior to purchasing. They want to empower the purchaser to be able to ask more questions and also to help boost small local suppliers, in turn this will create more local jobs and will keep the local economy flourishing. Really a great vision for a small Garden Route Company. Buy Local Be Local!

Our Vision

We believe that Farm Fresh Direct is going to be the only way to shop in the next few years. We know that our company will uplift local famers and food-makers and will boost our region’s economy as we will be keeping our money here. We believe that if you Buy Local you Grow Local and know that our company will be the pillar of this enterprise for the future. We know that Farm Fresh Garden Route is just the start of a national food revolution.

Meet the owners Johannes & Shelley Viljoen

Johannes Viljoen

Johannes originates from Richmond in the Karoo where he grew sheep farming. After School his family sold the farm and moved to George. Johannes decided that he wanted to travel the world so as most young South Africans do he jumped on a plane and went to London, whilst in London Johannes worked for a high profile catering and catering equipment hire firm, driving the lengths and breadths of the UK ensuring that the elite of British societies parties went off without a hitch! After this he decided to go a bit further a field and after a stint as a truck driver in the USA he stumbled upon the luxury yacht industry. Here Johannes got to see the world whilst working, he found himself in an industry where customer service is of the utmost importance and he discovered that this was a skill that was needed in whatever he was to do after yachting. After 12 years away from home the call of South Africa became too strong and where else to settle down than back in the beautiful Garden Route and George where his family had chosen before. When getting to George Johannes discovered that he would like to do something where he was supporting the local community especially the farmers, which was still part of his blood. When Farm Fresh came up as an opportunity to buy Johannes knew that this was a concept he would love to explore and expand.

Shelley Viljoen

Shelley originates from Brighton in the UK, she met Johannes whilst working overseas on Private yachts and after a short holiday here in George she knew she didn’t need any convincing that this was the place where she would like to settle down!!!! Whilst on Yachts Shelley was involved in many aspects of restaurant service, produce selection and the organisation of many high profile events for the uber rich and famous of this world, she even found herself serving her own Royal family dinner a couple of times, not to mention the countless celebrities she has met and worked for! Like Johannes she knew that the customer service skills she gained were invaluable to whatever she chose to do next. After Shelley received her Visa to work in South Africa she got a job with Jonel at Farm Fresh Direct and completely fell in love with the vision and concept so when the opportunity came up to buy the business Shelley knew that this was something she had to do!

Both Shelley & Johannes want to make sure that Farm Fresh Direct becomes a service that you rely on for it’s great service and also its ability to make your busy lives easier, ensuring that you get the best produce from the surrounding areas delivered directly to your door for a competitive price and in the freshest possible way.

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