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Hi to everyone.
We are Shelley & Johannes!

We are Shelley & Johannes Viljoen and we are the extremely proud owners of Farm Fresh Direct. Johannes and I met in 2008 whilst we were working overseas on private yachts, and fell in love.

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What is it we do…..?

We are asked often to explain exactly what it is we do, this is both easy and hard to explain, as some people just don’t understand, so here we go in a nut sell……..We are an Online Farmers Market who…

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Chocolate & Beetroot Cake

Beetroot and Chocolate Cake: Ingredients: 500g Cooked Beetroot 1ml Vanilla Essence 600g Castor Sugar 500ml Sunflower Oil 6 large Eggs 450g Cake Flour 45ml Baking Soda 2ml Salt 70g Cocoa 125g Chocolate chips Cream Cheese Icing 500g Cream Cheese 120g…

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Next Level Lasagna……!!

You will need For the pasta ± 200 g homemade pasta (200g flour and 2 large eggs) or a box of store bought lasagna sheets will do! For the ragout 500 g beef mince – full fat! 250 g back…

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